Costamix 200N

COSTAMIX 200R is a ready-to-use, high ranged water-reducing admixture designed to produce high slump concrete with improved workability, durability and also reduces permeability.COSTAMIX 200R is a ready-to-use liquid which is dispensed into the concrete together with the mixing water. The plasticizing effect and water reduction are higher if the admixture is added to the concrete after 50 to 70% of the mixing water has been added.

COSTAMIX 200N is a SNF based, high ranged water reducer specially formulated to improve workability, durability and also reduces permeability.Whilst still improving the plastic and hardened properties of the concrete, mix designs with Costamix 200N gives cement reduction. Batching water is also reduced without loss of workability.


  • Costamix 200N is used to produce various ranges of concrete such as pre-cast, ready-mix, pumped concrete etc.
  • Used to produce workable concrete with lower total water content and wherever high-quality concrete is required.
  • Costamix 200N is also used for hot weather concreting.
  • Costamix 200N is used where delayed setting and extended workability is required.


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