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Aqualatex C10
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Aqualatex C10 is a viscous acrylic latex emulsion bonding agent that forms an insoluble polymer matrix when mixed with cement. When mixed with a cement/sand or gravel combination, Aqualatex C10 becomes an effective patching and topping mortar.

Aqualatex C10 is also designed for use as a polymer modifier in mortars and concretes to increased tensile, flexural and bond strengths, magnitude resistance to water and hydrolysis.

Costar Repair Mortar 10
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Costar Repair Mortar 10 is a single-component cementitious repair mortar. The high-strength patching material is suitable for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces, and for general repair of cracks and holes. It can be applied to rigid surfaces – sand/cement/ screed or concrete bases, asphalt, granolithic, terrazzo, ceramic and quarry tiles, epoxy and polyurethane coatings.

Costar Repair Mortar 20
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Costar Repair Mortar 20 is a one-component, polymer modified, easy to use and rapid drying cementitious patching mortar ideal for the repair or re-profiling of concrete. Costar Repair Mortar 20 is provided as a pre-mixed, polymer changed, dry powder which when blended with water is intended for application between 10mm to 20mm.