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Areas of application:
For producing retrospectively applied horizontal barriers in accordance with the WTA work sheet “Injections in masonry against capillary moisture”, against rising damp up to 95 % moisture saturation in masonry work constructed from e.g. brick, clinker, lime-sand blocks, natural stone including joints. Injection is carried out using a hand applied spray gun without pressure (< 10 bar).

AQUAFIN-1K – Cementitious one-component waterproof coating

AQUAFIN-1K is a cementitious, ready-mixed powder, which is mixed with water to form a dense, waterproof surface barrier. It consists of Portland cement, well graded quartz sand and polymer enhanced special chemical ingredients.

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AQUAFIN-2K/M is a state-of the art cementitious, acrylic emulsion based flexible protective coating and waterproof barrier. This product is two-component and resistant to water, moisture and abrasion. Its liquid mixing component is solvent free. AQUAFIN-2K/M can be used as a stand alone product or underneath flexible thin-set tile mortars.

Costar Premium Tile Grout
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Costar Premium Tile Grout is a cement-based, waterproof tile grout for grouting between ceramic tiles after the adhesive has set. Plastic, cohesive and easy to apply. Produced from carefully selected raw materials for consistency of product, hard in 24 hours. Supplied in powder form for mixing with water.

Costar Premium Tile Grout is a blend of specially selected cements, fillers and synthetic organic polymers.  When added to water it readily blends to produce a smooth creamy paste which when set is water and mould resistant.  Costar Premium Tile Grout is used in conjunction with Costar Tile Fix tile adhesives.

Costar Tile Fix 10
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Costar Tile fix 10 is a ready to use multipurpose, cement based tile and marble adhesive, enhanced with resin based additives for extra adherence and durability