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Cold Storage Room Panel

It is a moulding application polyurethane system. This polyurethane system enables production of 12 meters long and applied one point injection method panels. Generally it is used for insulation of cold storage rooms for meat, fruit, vegatables and other food products.

Pipe And Tank Insulation

It is applied by injection or spraying methods polyurethane system and it can be applied with spray and injection machines. It is specially designed for cold-hot water pipe lines, tank insulation and geothermal pipe lines. The system enables production of geothermal pipes up to 12 meters long.

Sound Insulation
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It is  designed as  sound isolation polyurethane systems.  The  product is  more preferable compared to  other materials because of spray application  of  the system. It  an  excellent polyurethane product  for high sound level problem areas like; cinemas, discos, bars, conference rooms.

Spray Foam
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2K polyurethane foam system which is designed for spray applications. The material must be applied with a high pressure plural component spray polyurethane machine. Mobile application of system has advantages in construction site and high building applications. Because of spray and on-site application, it takes the shape of the surface and because of that property it can be applied any type of area and surface.