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Costamix 100

COSTAMIX 100 is a SNF based, high ranged water reducer specially formulated to improve workability, durability and also reduce permeability.

Whilst still improving the plastic and hardened properties of the concrete, mix designs with Costamix 100 gives cement reduction. Batching water is also reduced without loss of workability.

Costamix 600
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COSTAMIX600 is a 4th generation polycarboxylate ether based slump retaining and water reducing super plasticizer specifically engineered for high performance concrete to achieve improve workability, durability and also reduces permeability. This new generation plasticizer enables improved initial and final strength.

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Hydropruf WP200 is an anti-crack integral highly concentrated powder waterproofing admixture for concrete, mortar and plaster.  Hydropruf WP200 helps to repel water absorption of hardened concrete and reduce the formation of surface efflorescence. Hydopruf200 provides excellent resistance to moisture, wind and rain according to ASTME 514